We said good-bye to our Youth Week campers yesterday, and just like that, our 6 weeks of overnight summer camps for children and youth are finished for 2019. Those six weeks involved hundreds of energetic children and youth making the most of their time at Camp. There were water sports and wide games, early morning trail rides and evening firesides. There was crazy creativity from campers and staff and a lot of good old fashioned silliness that allowed people to let their guard down and have fun with their friends.

But behind all of this activity, there has been a quiet and awesome transformation happening in various locations here at Camp. We first noticed it at the boathouse, and then were surprised to realize that this miracle was happening in some other unlikely spots.

It started when some rather hungry caterpillars were devouring the milkweed around Camp. Soon after that, we noticed that many chrysalises had been woven and hung in all kinds of places, and were delighted to watch them turn from an opaque green to a transparent sac that started to reveal the colours of what was being formed: a fresh new monarch butterfly. We have lost count of how many butterflies have already been formed, but it is delightful every time.





...behind all of this activity, there has been a quiet and awesome transformation happening...

It’s easy to overlook these quiet miracles in the midst of a busy summer program. And just like these beautiful butterflies are emerging from this process of metamorphosis, God’s quiet work of transformation has been going on in people’s hearts. Sometimes in the most unexpected places. Campers and staff have been leaving behind fears and choosing faith. They have been leaving behind failures or disappointments, and choosing hope. They have been leaving behind selfishness and choosing love. It is beautiful to see.

And just like these newly emerged butterflies have a long journey ahead of them, we know that the campers and staff who were here this summer will be travelling many different paths in the coming months. We’re thankful that the God, who began this good work in us, will be faithful to complete it until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6).  It’s time to test our new wings; the adventure is just beginning.