UPDATE (March 26, 2021): Unfortunately, we do not yet have approval to run our Leaders in Training program and so we are not accepting applications at this time. Thank-you for your patience as you wait along with us!

L.I.T. Program

Build Friendship, Grow Spiritually, Serve God

Dates: Thursday, June 25 – Saturday, August 8, 2020 • (6.5 weeks total)

Cost: $675 + HST

Program Description: The LIT program is designed to train and equip youth (17 & 18 yrs) who have a desire to become leaders in Christ for camp, their churches and their community.

How to apply:  Click the Apply button between January 2-February 2, 2020 and follow the instructions to submit your application on-line.

The program is built in 3 parts:

  1. Training – We kick off the summer with a weekend team-building experience, a (“Club Med” style) canoe trip, and then follow it up with one week of Spiritual teaching and one week of Leadership and skills based training.
  2. On-site Service – LITs are given three weeks to serve as an assistant in each of the areas of camp: Cabin Leading, Program and Support (i.e. kitchen, dining hall or maintenance).
  3. Off-site Service – While our destination is yet to be announced, LITs will go for a one week off-site experience to a Church Day Camp. This could be a sports camp or a VBS program.

If you require financial assistance try some of these options:

  • Ask your Church – many churches have funds set aside for youth leadership development. Speak with your Youth Pastor or Lead Pastor to find out what resources are available to you.
  • Fund Raise – ask your family and church congregation to support you in your pursuit of personal and spiritual growth. Camp is a mission field! We are here to win kids for Christ. Share the mission of camp with those around you and ask if they would be willing to support you.
    LITs are to come to camp with one means of payment for the cost of the program. All funds raised are to be handled directly by the LIT or his/her family.
  • Apply for a Camp Sponsorship – contact Camp Crossroads and ask about receiving a “campership”. This fund is designed to support campers who cannot afford a week of camp. LITs may apply for a campership if they have no other means of financial assistance.
    LITs who also sign up to be a Youth Week camper will receive a $100 discount off their registration fee.

Family Camps

Discover the Wonder

Our family camps are designed to give families a chance to enjoy all the experiences of camp together. We provide structured and unstructured time for families to spend together enjoying nature and activities. We have two daily chapels with sessions geared to the specific age groups of adults, teens, young and older children. Each member of the family will be fed spiritually throughout the week.

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Day Camps

Discover the Wonder

Each camp week consists of various activities including swimming, canoeing, crafts, games, nature hikes, low ropes course, singing, storytelling, drama, day trips and theme days. Camp Crossroads Day Camp provides a fun and safe environment for children where they can create and grow lasting relationships.

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