Thanks for your interest in a summer camp program at Camp Crossroads!

Check out these frequently asked questions to get some helpful information about Camp in the summer.


My child has a late birthday and won’t be the proper camper age in summer. Can they still attend?

Yes!  We calculate the camper ages as of December 31 of the current calendar year.  So as long as your child will be the proper camper age as of the end of this year then they are welcome to attend the camp of their choice.

My child will be the proper camper age during summer, but because they have a late birthday the system won’t let me register them for the week I want. What can I do?

The registration system calculates the camper age as of December 31 of this calendar year.  If your child is the proper camper age for any given week while they are at camp they are welcome to attend that week.  However, we ask that you please contact the office at for instructions on how to work around the registration system.

Our family is not familiar with the teachings of the Bible, will my child feel out of place at your camp?

We work hard to make sure that each camper knows they are welcome and respected. While the chapel sessions are a highlight in our day, it is not necessary for the campers to have any previous knowledge of the Bible. In fact, many of our campers come to camp without prior exposure to the teachings of the Bible and this dynamic helps foster rich discussions with the staff during cabin meetings.

Is there a bus that my child can take to camp?

Yes! There is 1 bus pick-up and drop off in Burlington. Location: Compass Point Bible Church, 1500 Kerns Rd, Burlington, ON L7P 3A7. The bus is a coach with air conditioning and washroom on board, eliminating the need for campers to stop half way for a washroom break. Cost: $75 per camper one way. Sign up with your on-line registration account or contact the office for more information at

Why can’t I make changes to my child’s transportation plans once they are at Camp?

We are responsible for the health and well-being of up to 160 campers each week.  Ensuring that each camper travels to the correct destination at the correct time requires an enormous amount of communication and attention to detail.  Changing transportation plans once a child is a camp causes confusion in our systems and often produces anxiety in your child.

Can I send my child on the bus with a bicycle, guitar or wakeboard?

Bus companies cannot accept larger items such as a bicycle, guitar or wakeboard because they take up too much space and become a hazard while travelling.

What is your policy around the use of technology at Camp?

Camp is a unique opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with new and old friends. We want our campers to be able to fully engage in their week at camp and so we collect all cellphones (or any technology with wifi and camera capability) on Sunday evening when they arrive and safely store them in the office until the end of the week. We also need to protect campers from the possibility of any cyber bullying that could take place with the use of technology.

Can I contact my child during their week of Camp?

We discourage parent-camper contact while at camp in order to help foster the development of healthy independence in the campers. Camp is a unique opportunity for individuals to grow in confidence as they face and overcome age-appropriate challenges. Of course, in the case of emergency, or camper distress, the parents/guardians will be contacted by the office and the proper care be given.

What time can I drop off my child at Camp?

All six of our overnight camp weeks begin on a Sunday afternoon. Drop-off times will be assigned by last name in time slots between 2:00-5:00pm. If you cannot make your scheduled drop-off time, please contact the office so we can arrange an alternate time for you.

What time do I need to pick up my child from Camp?

All overnight programs end on Saturday morning and parents should pick up their children between 9:00-10:00 am.

Can my child have more than 2 cabin buddies?

We can only guarantee 1-2 mutually requested cabin buddies. What this means is that your child declares their 1-2 buddy requests, and those same campers also request your child. This is how we know that they all want to be together. We cannot guarantee requests larger than this because of the complexity of arranging accommodations for up to 160 campers in cabins that sleep 8-10. In addition, it is unfair for campers who come on their own or with only 1 other person to be placed in a cabin where everyone already knows each other. Camp is a great place to make new friends!

Can I request my child’s cabin leader for the week?

Staff are placed in their roles each week according to need and capacity.  It is not possible for campers to request specific cabin leaders because of the unique complexity of each camper week.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your camper registration up until two weeks before their camper week there is a $25 admin fee.  If you cancel within 14 days of your child’s camper week there is a $200 admin fee.  If cancellation occurs due to health or family emergency, only the $25 admin fee will be applied.

How do I add extra programs (i.e. Horsemanship or the Ski/Wake Program) to my child’s registration?

Extra programs may be added at the time of your initial camper registration or you can log back into your account at a future date to add this option later.   Some weeks these options fill quickly, in which case you will be able to add your name to a waitlist at no cost and you will be contacted should a spot open up.

How do I cancel any part of my child’s camp registration?

All cancellations of any part of your registration (e.g. bussing, extra programs, or full registration) must be made by contacting the office at or by calling 705-762-3111.  Please be advised that some admin fees may be applied.

What is the Tuck Shop and how does it work?

The Tuck Shop is our Camp Store and each camper has the opportunity to buy candy and snacks up to a maximum of $6/day. Each camper also gets to visit the Tuck Shop with their cabin leader once in the week to purchase camp merchandise. If you would like your camper to be able to spend money at the Tuck Shop during the week, you can add a Tuck Shop Deposit to their account prior to their arrival at Camp. This amount will be added to your total owing at registration and can be paid for along with your registration fees, or any time after. If you would like to add money at any time to your camper’s Tuck Shop tab, simply log back into your online account and select “Add Tuck Shop Deposit”. Any unused portion of this money will be refunded to your credit card at the end of the week. *Please do not send cash with your camper.*

Do you accept e-transfers?

We are now accepting full payments by e-transfer (note: we will not be accepting partial or post-dated payments by e-transfer at this time). We can also accept, credit cards, cash or cheques.



Do you have questions about volunteering at Camp?

Check out these frequently asked questions to get some helpful information about volunteering at Camp.


If I become a volunteer, will I get a discount on my child’s camp fees?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a discount to your child’s camp fees as a result of your volunteer service. Running a summer camp program requires an enormous amount of staff, and the reality is that our fees are already discounted because of the volunteer hours we are given through generous people like you. We appreciate your help in keeping our rates more affordable.

What time should I arrive for my volunteer service?

Incoming volunteers should arrive the evening before their time of service. So for overnight kids/youth camps, you should arrive on Saturday evening. For family camps, you should arrive Sunday evening.

What do I do when I arrive at Camp?

Overnight Camp Volunteers should visit the Front Office in the Centre between 6-8 pm on Saturday evening to check in and pick up their name tag and staff t-shirt as well as to hand in their police check if necessary.

Family Camp Volunteers should visit the hallway outside of the Front Office in the Centre to pick up their name tag, staff t-shirt and find their accommodation assignment on the bulletin board.

What type of bedding should I bring?

Most of the beds at camp are singles, however, it might be possible that you will be sleeping on a double or queen size bed.  Many people find it easiest to bring a queen size flat sheet to sleep on with some kind of lightweight sleeping bag or blanket on top.  Don’t forget to bring a pillow!

My child will be a camper that week, can they arrive early with me?

Yes, if your child is a camper during your week of service, you can bring them with you on Saturday evening at no extra charge. However, since you will most likely be sharing accommodations with at least one other volunteer that week, we might need to put a bunk mattress on the floor of your room, or possibly move you and your children to a different room for Saturday night. If you have communicated your needs with the camp office ahead of time we should be able to find space.

What if my child’s friends want to come early, can I bring them, too?

Yes, we can most often find space on Saturday evening for your child’s friends as well (but make sure to contact the office to confirm availability). Please note that there is an additional accommodation/food fee of $20 for non-family members that you bring early which includes Sunday breakfast and lunch. This money can be paid in the Front Office when you check in on Saturday night.

Why do I need to arrive so early?

Arriving the evening before your time of volunteer service allows you to get settled at Camp before the busy week begins. Support volunteers in the roles of kitchen or dining hall staff need to be available as early as 7:00 am (exact time TBD) on Sunday (or Monday in the case of Family Camps) to help with breakfast prep.  We also require all incoming volunteers to attend mandatory orientation meetings starting at 9:00 am in keeping with our Safe Place Policy.

What happens on Sunday before registration begins?

8:00-8:45 am – optional, self-serve breakfast for all staff
9:00 am – mandatory Safe Place Meeting for all incoming volunteers
9:45 am – time of worship and inspiration in the chapel for all staff (any campers present are welcome to attend)
10:45 am – coffee break in the dining hall
11:00 am – time of staff introduction and announcements for all staff in the Muskoka Room (below the Dining Hall in the Centre) Supervision will be provided at this time for any campers under 12 years old.
11:30 am – Support staff are dismissed to carry out their duties
Program and Cabin Leaders stay behind for further orientation
12:15 pm – lunch for all staff in the dining hall
1:00 pm – waterfront drill orientation for all Program and Cabin Leaders
2:00 pm – early registration for campers of parent volunteers
2:30 pm – general registration begins for all incoming campers

When can I move my kids into their cabins?

Campers of parent volunteers can move into their cabins after 2:00 pm on Sunday. Our cabin leaders are occupied until that time and are not available for supervision.

Do I get any breaks in the day?

Work schedules vary for each volunteer depending on their roles, but morning coffee break is a must!  Cabin Leaders and Program Leaders staying in camper cabins overnight are given 1 hour off each day.  Program Leaders not staying with campers typically have some free time in the evenings.  If the Kitchen and Dining Hall crews have had a productive morning they often have about 2 hours off in the afternoon.  Maintenance staff usually work between breakfast and supper.  A camp day can be unpredictable, so maintaining a flexible attitude is key to enjoying the week.

What can I do in my time off?

Camp is a beautiful place with lots of recreational options that we hope you will enjoy during your breaks from work.  You are welcome to enjoy the waterfront options (i.e. swimming, canoeing, kayaking, paddle-boarding) as long as you abide by the waterfront rules and there are no camp programs running at that time.  We also have several kilometres of hiking trails in the forest as well as a variety of sports available at the main site (e.g. Frisbee golf course, shuffleboard, volleyball, basketball, etc). There are also lots of muskoka chairs around to sit and enjoy the view!

If my child is a camper that week, can I visit them in their cabin?

We ask that you allow the cabin leaders to retain full leadership of your child during their week at camp unless there is a pre-arranged exception (e.g. your child is diabetic and requires a nighttime needle for insulin). When parents visit the cabins, it can sometimes be upsetting to the other campers as it reminds them that they are not at home. Your child will get to see you throughout the day at meal times and will be excited to tell you all about their adventures.

Can I bring my other children with me and enter them in your Day Camp program?

We discourage parent volunteers from entering their children in our Day Camp program for several reasons: 1. The Day Camp program runs from 8:30-4:30, Monday-Friday and a volunteer role most often includes some responsibilities outside of that time frame, requiring additional supervision for your child. 2. The Day Camp program is geared to children ages 8-12 years, and so is not as suitable to children younger than that. 3. The Day Camp program is intended to be an outreach to our local community and often fills week by week with local residents.