Camp Store (Tuck Shop) & Tuck Money

We strongly encourage you to add a Tuck Deposit to your camper’s account when you register on-line.  This amount will be added to your total owing at registration and can be paid for along with your registration fees.  Any unused portion of this money will be returned to the camper in cash at the end of the week.   If campers do arrive at camp with cash we will collect and manage it as per usual while they make purchases at the Tuck shop throughout the week. The maximum amount they are allowed to spend daily on food is $5.

Each camper is given the chance to purchase non food items throughout the week.

Deposits & Cancellation Policy (Updated for 2020)

  • Minimum deposit per camper is $200.00, Full payment is due on JUNE 1st (or with registration after June 1st)
  • Cancellation – Full Refund, minus $30 admin fee
  • COVID-19 related Cancellations (i.e. camper illness/exposure or loss of income due to COVID-19) will also receive a full refund regardless of the time they occur before Camp. We would invite you to consider donating a portion of your registration fees to Camp to help us invest in future operations here. Donations of $20 or more are eligible to receive a charitable receipt for income tax purposes.

Sunday Drop Off, Check-In &  Saturday Pickup

  • Campers being driven to camp can be checked in any time after 2:30 pm and should arrive before 5:00 pm
  • Please check in at the registration table to find out cabin assignments and drop off your signed medical form with the medical staff.
  • Teen and Youth Week campers do not need to check in at the office since all campers will register with their cabins in the evening to hand in tuck money and see the medical staff.
  • Camp ends on Saturday at 9:00 am.  Campers should be picked up at 9:00 am.

Cabin Buddy Requests

We can only guarantee 1-2 mutually requested cabin buddies. What this means is that your child declares their 1-2 buddy requests, and those same campers also request your child. This is how we know that they all want to be together. We cannot guarantee requests larger than this because of the complexity of arranging accommodations for 160 campers in cabins that sleep 8-10. In addition, it is unfair for campers who come on their own or with only 1 other person to be placed in a cabin where everyone already knows each other. Camp is a great place to make new friends!

Guidelines for Dress

Camp is an environment built on a foundation of respect for one another. Staff and campers are active and moving during many hours of the day, and clothing choices should be practical for a high activity and versatile environment. We encourage campers and staff to dress with an attitude of modesty. For these reasons, campers and staff are expected to adhere to and enforce the following dress code:

  1. General: No clothing should display inappropriate language, innuendo or negative messages.
  2. Swimwear: Swimwear should be durable and well-fitting. Campers and staff must be able to enthusiastically participate in water activities without fear of losing or ruining articles of clothing. For men and boys, bathing suits should fit without falling down, and reach past mid-thigh. For women and girls, one-piece bathing suits are required. If a two-piece must be worn, we ask that it be worn with a dark coloured shirt over top.
  3. Tops: Shirts must cover the midriff, and be properly fitted around arms (i.e. no gaping holes revealing side of chest). Strapless tops are not permitted.
  4. Shorts/Pants: Shorts and pants must be practical for an active week. Bottoms should fit properly in order to avoid falling down or riding up. Clothing must be up to the hip, no underwear should be seen. All shorts must reach approximately mid-thigh. We understand the usefulness of active wear such as spandex and leggings. However, no clothing should be transparent, and campers/staff may be asked to change if their clothing is too thin.

Camperships & Discounts

Camperships: If a family has significant financial need that would prevent them from sending their child to a week of camp, they are welcome to fill out this Campership Form explaining the reason for the need, and email it to the office for consideration. Once the form is received, a $200 discount will be applied to eligible families until funds are used up.  Please note:  we still require a $200 deposit to secure your camper spot as well. The Campership subsidy cannot be used to secure your deposit.

Sibling Discounts:  If your family sends 3 or more children to Camp this summer, a 10% discount will be applied on them (i.e. the 3rd child and more).  If all your children are registered at the same time, the discount will automatically be applied during the registration process.  If your 3rd (or more) child is added at a later date, you will need to contact the office to have this discount applied.  email:

Family Camps

Discover the Wonder

Our family camps are designed to give families a chance to enjoy all the experiences of camp together. We provide structured and unstructured time for families to spend together enjoying nature and activities. We have two daily chapels with sessions geared to the specific age groups of adults, teens, young and older children. Each member of the family will be fed spiritually throughout the week.

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Day Camps

Discover the Wonder

Each camp week consists of various activities including swimming, canoeing, crafts, games, nature hikes, low ropes course, singing, storytelling, drama, day trips and theme days. Camp Crossroads Day Camp provides a fun and safe environment for children where they can create and grow lasting relationships.

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