Introducing the 2021 Summer Staff Team!

Summer Staff

While the length of service and levels of responsibility vary, each one of the summer staff contributes to the overall experience of our campers. We are grateful for each one!

Core Staff:
• Alex Johnson: Special Events Coordinator
• Emily Taylor: Tuck Shop Manager & Staff Mentor
• Enya Mortley: Ski/Wake Instructor & Staff Mentor
• Hannah Arsenault: Female Section Head & Craft Coordinator
• Jamie Current: Male Section Head
• Kaityn Wiens: Day Camp Director
• Megan Janzen: Waterfront Manager
• Rachel Moss: Horse Program Director & Staff Mentor

Summer Staff:
• Bree Bartha: Day Camp
• Elyse Hesp: Lifeguard
• Hannah Koop: Lifeguard
• Kama Anne Bax-Leaney: Lifeguard
• Mary Jensen: Food Service
• Taia Mandau: Day Camp

Bridge Staff:
• Ben Herrle
• Brynn Esau
• Hannah Goddard
• Isabel Song
• Kaitlin Doornbos
• Luke Taylor
• Macy Peters
• Madeline Lee
• Noah Schouten