Camp has always been a part of my life, from church retreats when I was hardly a year old, to PeeWee Camp and attending every summer after. Like many, Camp is a place where I accepted Jesus and recommitted my life to Jesus after gaining new understanding as a kid each summer.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to be on Bridge Staff as a cabin leader, which led to applying for a role on Summer Team the following year, a position I had never considered myself capable of until then. In 2016 I was hired as the Special Events coordinator on the Summer Team. I was incredibly excited but also nervous. Growing up going to Camp, the midweek special event was the highlight of my week, so I knew how much kids looked forward to it and I felt that pressure.

There were aspects of the job that I felt confident about; planning, organizing, and creating detailed program write-ups. The behind the scenes stuff is more of my strong suit. The part I was more nervous about was being in front of everyone; the skits, fire side songs, and all of the live entertainment to be laid out in front of the staff and campers where I would find out if it was good or would fall flat.

My take away from that summer was how God works in us and uses the weak.

My take away from that summer was how God works in us and uses the weak. Looking back, I can’t believe the things that I did. Not that I believe I had the greatest programs or camp fire songs, etc. to ever grace Camp Crossroads, but that through it all, no matter how imperfect, flawed, or silly, I felt confident about it. The nerves never really went away, but I believe that God took what I had to offer and he made it usable for his purpose, and that made it good. I found that I never had to hide my insecurities, but instead when I acknowledged them and gave them to God, I simply didn’t care. “This might be a gong show, and it’s gonna be great,” I would tell myself.

I had the opportunity to lead a couple morning devotionals that summer and decided to focus on stories like Moses, who felt inadequate to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. God reminded him that He would be with him and give him the words to say.

God loves to use the weak, “for My power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9, and he invites us to be a part of his plans. This is so evident at Camp Crossroads. Staff come together in faith and prayer, and amazing things happen, and I am grateful that I got to experience the Lord’s power working in me that summer.