Leaders in Training 2011

Camp Crossroads has been a part of my life since the age of 5 when I first attended with my family, and it quickly became the highlight of every year once I started going as an overnight camper. As soon as I was old enough I applied to be on staff and had the privilege of being a Leader in Training (2011), a Bridge Summer Staff (2013), and Female Section Head on Summer Team (2016). My staff experience brought many opportunities to grow as an individual especially in leadership and relationships.

Bridge Summer Staff 2013

Camp gave me the opportunity to be on the worship team and explore being a worship leader. Camp’s mission statement includes a dedication to supporting the local church, and leading worship is an area where I saw that in action. As a result of being on the worship team in Chapel during my Bridge and Team years, I began learning how to lead through worship and my (now) husband, Austin Dick, and I went home to St.Catharines and led worship at Scott St Church once a month.

Summer Team 2016

Camp was a place to realize my gifts and learn about where they could potentially lead me. Education as a career was an idea, but Camp was where that was confirmed when I saw that I absolutely loved the chaos of 30 kindergartners learn about tadpoles for the first time at PeeWee Camp, or when I saw Leaders in Training totally step up to the challenge of cabin leading for the first time with support and guidance from Summer Staff.

Camp and its ministry has mainly transformed my life because of the community that I experienced.
Carmen Mortley
Camp and its ministry has mainly transformed my life because of the community that I experienced. I saw it first as a camper, and it told me that there was something special to take note of. I saw it as a staff member when life long friendships were created with people who spoke truth, affirmation, and joy into my life. I saw it as a leader when my campers were supporting each other through a Wide-game or laughing during free time and praying for each other during Let’s Talk Time.
I recently listened to a podcast where the guest was talking about how he had finally found where he was meant to be and had discovered what he was meant to do. I reflected on where that was for me and immediately pictured  the summer I served on the Summer Team at Camp. I had never felt so aware of who I was, and so sure of how God had specifically created me to best serve Him.
The reason why Camp is so life-giving and affirming is that our community and growth opportunities come from the leading of the Holy Spirit and Christ’s intimate love and grace. I’m forever grateful for Camp Crossroads.