Whether you have been riding for years or have always wanted to try but never had the chance, the Horse Program at Camp Crossroads is right for you!

Fall Horse Program Options

Guided 1 hour Lake Trail Ride- $45
Beginner-level riding on well-trodden trails, 1-6 guests ages 10 years & up. Includes basic trail riding instruction prior to leaving corral. *Children ages 10 and 11 are required to do a 5-10-minute riding lesson to ensure confidence and independent riding ability. $45/person.

Guided 1.5 hr "Taste of Muskoka" Trail Ride- $55
Not suggested for first-time riders as terrain is challenging at times, requiring more directing of the horse and higher physical demand from the rider. A fun challenge to riders with previous riding experience. 1-6 people ages 12 & up. $55/person.

Guided 2 hr "Authentic Muskoka" Trail Ride- $65
Includes a stop to get off and stretch, have a snack, or bring your own small picnic. Not for first-time riders as the ride has challenging terrain requiring more directing of the horse and higher physical demand from the rider. 2-6 people ages 12 & up.$65/person.

Horsemanship & Riding Lessons - $40
For ages 5-8 years, one-on-one 30-minute lessons that may include grooming or learning to saddle up as well as riding skills. For ages 9+, we offer 1-on-1 & semi-private (2 riders), with possibility of group lessons for 3 people for those that are not 1st time riders. Progressive lessons on grooming, saddling, horse handling & ground work, and riding that progresses from in the arena to lessons out on our trails. $40/person.

"Grounded Horsemanship" Lessons - $30-$40
Non-Riding "Grounded Horsemanship" lessons for ages 9+, available in 60-minute 1-on-1 lessons ($40) or 60-minute lessons for 2-3 people ($30) Great for those who are hesitant or unable to ride but want to learn progressive horsemanship skills and be with horses. Lessons include but are not limited to: reading horse body language, horse care & first aid, creating horse-human relationship in and outside of the round-pen, handling safety, understanding equipment and tack, and introduction to driving with long-lining lessons.

Family Horse Experience - $40
45 minutes of family time with the horses includes lessons in grooming, horse handling, taking them for a walk, and feeding treats. Also includes a choice of either a pony/horse ride around our corral or a pony-drawn wagon ride.$40/family

Ages 8-14 years (Sept-Oct only)

After-School Horse Clubs

Groups of 5-6 students meet on Tuesdays @ 4:30-6pm and Thursdays @ 4:30-6pm (starting Sept 6th & 8th).

Each Horse Club package consists of four weekly 90-minute sessions of horse fun in a group setting for children who are eager to experience the joys and responsibilities of having their own horse. Includes progressive lessons in safety, horse body language, horse care, leading, saddling, and riding.

We provide riding helmets but ask that all riders wear pants and closed-toe shoes with at least a 1.5cm heel for safety. Rain boots work great for riding!

The cost is $140/person/month. Horse Club 1 runs from Sept 6-29 and Horse Club 2 runs from Oct 4-27.

Call the Office at 705-762-3111 or email: horses@campcrossroads.com for more info.

$500+HST for 2 weeks at Camp

Wrangler in Training

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Family Camps

Discover the Wonder

Our family camps are designed to give families a chance to enjoy all the experiences of camp together. We provide structured and unstructured time for families to spend together enjoying nature and activities. We have two daily chapels with sessions geared to the specific age groups of adults, teens, young and older children. Each member of the family will be fed spiritually throughout the week.

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Day Camps

Discover the Wonder

Each camp week consists of various activities including swimming, canoeing, crafts, games, nature hikes, low ropes course, singing, storytelling, drama, day trips and theme days. Camp Crossroads Day Camp provides a fun and safe environment for children where they can create and grow lasting relationships.

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